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What is LemAsm

LemAsm is a N64 assembler / disassembler and ROM-editor for Windows made by Lemmy. You can use it for developing purposes or to view pictures of n64 roms.


Main program features:

  • Allows you to edit existing n64 rom files
  • Has Hex Viewer, Mips Editor and image viewer
  • Loads rom completely into memory, so there is no need to do 
     a backup before loading into LemAsm
  • Calculates the CRC when saving using a crc algorythm 
     compatible with Mario's bootcode
  • Allows you to easily load the rom into an emulator to test 
     it (only tried nemu ;))
  • Can change size of a rom
  • Directly jump to an address (press F4)
  • Byteswap feature
  • Wordswap feature

    Features of MIPS assembler/disassembler:

  • Can show registers as R0,R1,R2... or R0,AT,V0,V1...
  • Immediate values are decimal if entered as "1234", or 
     hexadecimal if entered as "$1234"
  • Supports all known opcodes of the n64 main cpu, including 
     COP0 and COP1 opcodes
  • Allows you to enter hex values directly by pressing $

    Features of image viewer:

  • Supports formats 5551 and 8888
    If you know Niew, you should have no problem using LemAsm. Main reason I wrote it was that Niew doesn't support cop0 or cop1 (or I am too stupid).
    Suggestions and Bug reports please send to Lemmy


    Download version 0.1

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