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[06 April 1999] Nemu v0.02 Release

This is a pretty big update. The big news is that I have started dynamic recompilation, which made Nemu64 MUCH faster. Of course, the new core seems to have some bugs, but almost every cpu-only demo works perfectly. Also new in this release is more rdp and rsp emulation. Many rdp-demos show graphics. But there seems to be a timing problem (especially in demot and vnes). I think the main cpu is simply too fast for the rsp/rdp. I will have to find a way around that. This problem also occurs in vsfintro; sometimes it shows the stars, sometimes it doesn't.

I also added the possibility to play a rom without loading it completely into memory. But it only works, if your rom is not byteswapped.

Dynamic Recompilation Bugfixes in the CPU core More bugfixes in the CPU core

Even more bugfixes in the CPU core

Changed handling of invalid opcodes, so the emu doesn't crash that much anymore

DirectDraw plugin (I planned to release a new DIB plugin, too...but I think everyone is happy with the DirectDraw plugin)

Bugfixes in the DirectSound plugin; doesn't crash anymore if you don't have a soundcard

Added "dummy sound" plugin, so you can turn sound off if you experience any problems. You have to download this plugin seperately and replace the file Audio.dll in Nemu64's folder (close Nemu64 before ;-) )

Speeded up COP1 (floating point unit)

Added some more RSP opcodes

Added some sprite types to the RDP Graphics engine

Added possibility to let the graphics plugin do RDP. This is generally faster, because we can use hardware acceleration, but some demos don't allow that. In commercial games it should be no problem. This option can be turned on in the settings dialog. Currently it isn't implemented very well.

Added speed hacks. With them turned on you can play pong at a very high framerate.

Added pause function

B|oHazard made several translations of the readme file: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese


[05 April 1999] Status Update

Dynamic Recompilation speeded the emu up very much. Here are some frame rate comparisons:

firedemo old: 2, new: 18
rotate old: 4, new: 22
n64stars old: 1.9, new: 15

For the next release you will have the possibility to choose between several plugins: For graphics there is DirectDraw plugin which is optimized for speed and a DIB plugin, that uses Windows standard functions. The DIB plugin is slower but has greater compatibility. For sound there is a DirectSound plugin and a dummy sound plugin. The dummy sound plugin allows you to disable sound if you have problems with the sound plugin or if you don't have a sound card.

I spent much time on speeding up Nemu64. I did many opcodes, the main loop and the DirectDraw plugin in pure assembler.

I really want to release this new version in the next days. But I have to do some more bugfixes first.


[26 March 1999] Status Update

The new dynarec core
speeded up the emu a bit, but there is still much room for optimizations.
Besides dynamic recompilation I worked more on my rdp implementation, like
different sprite types. Some demos work much better now. Here are some
screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

[ see Sreenshots page ]

  • BTW... We do now have an official e-mail address. So if you want to send some fan mail, cyber money, greetings, feelings, or what you think about Nemu64, click here.


[24 March 1999] Status update

  • Status update: I started working on a dynarec engine. Currently it is about 50% faster than the last public release. Once I did the most important opcodes in asm it should get MUCH faster. I think I will soon release a much faster version.


[17 March 1999] Nemu v0.012 Release

New release after one week.
I implemented more RCP (RSP/RDP) emulation and I am getting first results ! Mortal Kombat shows up the title screen, vnes64 works (tried with Zelda 1) and Virtual Springfield Site also displays some nice things. All these RDP roms use the sprite engine of the n64. My emulation for it is very buggy. The reason why I haven't fixed that yet is that I am going to rewrite my RDP graphics core.

- Added many RSP opcodes, especially LWC2/SWC2 - Opcodes

- Added some RDP opcodes like DrawTextureRect and SetTile

- Added support for SI DMA write (copy from SPIMEM/SPDMEM to RDRAM)

- changed RDRAM size from 4 to 8 MB (not really necessary, but some games have extensions for that)

Please note that I released this version because Nemu will get a major internal change, because I am now really starting RDP emulation. I will try to get things working with Direct3D. Maybe I will add OpenGL or Glide later.

Have fun with this version.


[11 March 1999] Nemu v0.011 Release

OK...this time's big news is controller #1 support! You can play pong and see the fractal in fzoom. Also Liner
works and every other demo I tested, too. I can't wait to see the updated
compatibility list on cn64es:-)

  • fixed the rotate bug (LH was wrong)

  • fixed bug in LWL and LWR ==> controllers work (thanks to Dimitri and LaC!)

  • fixed analog up

  • increased analog stick support: try holding shift while moving the analog stick to a direction


[09 March 1999] Nemu v0.01 Release

I implemented audio and basic controller support. Audio works quite fine in about 10 demos.

- Controllers are partially working....right now they only work in liner. The key mapping is following:
A,S,X: The 3 main buttons, Cursor UP, DOWN,
LEFT, RIGHT: Analog Stick (always at maximum)
I,K,J,L: C-Buttons (used in liner to control
the line) T,G,F,H: Joypad, Return: Start Button

- RSP bug fixed....RSP code executes now correctly
- Almost complete Audio Emulation (missing: 8 (and maybe 4) Bit sound support, only 16 Bit implemented)
- Internal changes
- fixed problem with vi interrupt
- changed the way the screen refreshes ==> Liner works


[03 February 1999] Nemu v0.009 Release

  • much faster due to a hack

  • more RSP, no results yet

  • did some more cpu and cop1 opcodes, now
    almost all important opcodes are implemented

  • implemented automatic crc fix

  • changed many internal things

  • speed increased again

  • bugfixes....(for example rpa bug is fixed


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