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[12 June 1999] Mario 64 works !

Lemmy is happy to announce that the most wanted game "Mario 64" work in Nemu64. Graphics are only in wireframe yet, that is because hWnd's plugin is only in wireframe. So soon we will have better screenshots to show you. We will release Nemu64 when Mario's gfx are ok. So here it is the Mario 64 Screenshot =).

Words from me :
Just wanted to say thanx to all of you who sent me e-mail and told me that you liked my layout.. Somer of them also asked for help, and I am glad to answer all of your questions. Feel free to write to me! =)


[10 June 1999] Zico Joins the Nemu team

The Nemu64 team expands one more time. This time it is a new webdesigner:

Hi all emulation fans... Well I am the new designer, hope you like what you are seeing. I have been a webdesigner since 4-5 years. I am still in school. I hope after the school I'll be hired as a webdesigner to big companys. Well that is enough for me, I don't think you came here just to know me better... Just wanted to say to nemu64 fans to wait, this team is working for you.


[06 June 1999] Back to life !

After several discussions with team members and authors of other emulators I decided to make Nemu public as it was before. It has been some time, so first of all a status update.

Our team consists of Lemmy (cpu core and main programmer of the emu), LaC (eeprom, audio and responsible for hacking out a lot of usefull info), hWnd (Direct3D graphics plugin), Fires (OpenGL graphics plugin), TheN64Fan (mail), Zoric and Coolbest (Alpha testers) and soon ___Z___ (who designed a kickass new layout).

So what's the latest on Nemu? The cpu core is now about twice as fast as it was in the last release version, but I can still speed it up with better register caching. The Direct3D Graphics plugin plays 2D games like Mortal Kombat and NBA Hangtime almost perfectly and 3D games are about to start working. Many 3D demos show already nice graphics. The OpenGL plugin has been started.

We started working on some additional things like eeprom, which work pretty fine. Their advantage is that you can save your game as on the real n64 without the need of huge memory dumps, but we plan to feature memory dumps as well, as they allow you to save every game at any point.

Now you probably wonder when we will release next time. Well....I can't say yet. I expect this to be soon, but all I can say now, is "please wait" :)

Have a nice day


[22 May 1999] A great day for big N

Well, this is pretty difficult update for me. The latest beta of Nemu64 actually plays games, but with the recent actions of Nintendo in the emulation world, especially the shutdown of, I started hesitating about releasing an emu that plays games, be it only 2d games. It is pretty hard to see what difficulties it may bring when we release Nemu64. Therefore, we will not release it anytime soon, until some more is known about the legality of emulators. We will keep working on it, but there won't be a release until further notice :(. I am really sorry about this, I just can't oversee the troubles it may bring.

I hope you all respect this. If anybody of Nintendo reads this....well....I hope you feel better now.


[05 May 1999] hWnd joins the Nemu team

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Currently we are preparing the next release. It will be able to play some 2D games, like Mortal Kombat, NBA Hangtime and maybe some more. I have started working on HLE, which greatly increased performance.
As HLE can be toggled on and off on the fly, you can see the speed difference really well.
I also want to officially announce, that our team expanded once again. hWnd, who is well know from the glide wrapper GLČIDE is rewriting the graphics engine to Direct3D. But as this is a huge change, it will take some time.
Please be patient, I hope it won't take too long. The release after the next one will be able to play 3D games.


[21 April 1999] LaC joins the Nemu team

The Nemu64 team expands. This is what the new coder wants to say:

Lemmy asked me to write up this little text to explain why I'm joining the team. I've been helping Lemmy with alot of info from my hacking etc... so I decided I might as well join as a coder. I've been in the n64 coding scene since its start so I have about 3 years of experience on the machine using the devkit and doing low level stuff. Lemmy's work is very impressive and I believe we can do some really cool shit together. I remember years ago people thought n64 emulation was impossible and laughed at people like bpoint for trying to emulate it on current pc's. Well he proved them wrong and so are other emu authors, and so will we.


Please note that we really work hard on a new release version. The current beta plays two games with minor graphic glitches and very slowly. But they are playable. One of the games is Mortal Kombat Trilogy. The second one is to be announced :)


[14 April 1999] Screenshots

  • Some more screenshots. I improved emulation of Mortal Kombat. Currently it goes into an infinite loop after the "choose your destiny" screen. I implemented many features to the sprite engine, like stretching, alpha blending (transparency) and some more. The other screenshots are of LCars (not perfect), Mahjong Classic (title animation) and Dark Rift (2 title screens, then unhandled opcode).


[12 April 1999] MK Trilogy works !

  • This is maybe the news many of you have been waiting for. Mortal Kombat Trilogy almost works in Nemu64. I still have some graphics glitches, crashes and errors but it is progressing very well. I would like to fix that completely before I release a new version, but a release is planned :-)


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