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[02 September 1999] Lots of news !

Hi ! I'm Einstein II, the new webmaster of the Nemu team ! I have been doing webdesign for about two years now and I hope you like my new design. However, if you have some suggestions or comments feel free to eMail me and tell me what you think ! I have been in the emuscene for about one year and a half now and I must say, there is no other scene where people are so friendly... Btw, I'm also german like Lemmy (and FiRES and many others in the emu scene). All sections have been completely redesigned and updated, so look around a bit and have some fun ! The screenshots section is at this time more a compatiblity tests section. There are some screenshots but I will add more later (send me your screenshots !).
Nemu is progressing very well. The current beta uses Direct Input, so you can customize your keys and enjoy the new joystick support. Also, speed and compatibility are improved, savestate support is added, buggy but works most of the time. Lemmy wants to do a release in the next weeks, but he can't really tell you an exact date, so don't ask for it ;-)

einstein II

[01 July 1999] Nemu64 v0.5a FAQ

Many of you have had questions about our recent 0.5a release of Nemu64. Hopefully, we can help to clear up some confusion for you with our Nemu64 0.5a FAQ.
[ see Download section ]


[30 June 1999] Screenshots update

As I promised yesterday, I have finally updated the Screenshot section, go and see if you are interested :)


[29 June 1999] Nemu v0.05 Release

This is the first release that plays commercial games (Mario64, WaveRace JAP, MarioKart, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Starfox and many more). Take a look at here for a fine compatibility chart with a grate rating system. Later today or tomorrow ___Z___ update the Screenshots. There is so much new, I don't know where to start :)

- Completed Dynamic Recompilation core
- Fixed so many cpu bugs. CPU core has been completely rewritten two times since the last release
- Speeded up COP1 and removed bugs
- TLB support. Requires for Mario, Tetris64 and many more
- New and much better GUI that makes rom loading much easier
- Support for cheats. Take a look at chapter 4 to find out how it works
- UCode detection by CRC. To learn more about it check chapter 5
- Support for rom-based settings. Right now only eeprom support is stored. This allows you to disable eeprom in certain games (WaveRace JAP requires that)
- Much, much more...

- HLE-Graphics are done by the DirectX 6.0 video plugin, its current capabilities:
- Cfb graphics
- Hardware acceleration if you own an accelerator card
- Texture caching
- Support for two ucodes
- Lighting

- Audio is done by the audio plugin, but it is still the same as in the last release. Next version is planned to support hle-audio.
- Eeprom support, that allows you to use real save games. You can even download them from and use them in Nemu.
- Mempack support

This version is not very optimized yet. We expect to get it alot faster with faster d3d implementation and register caching in the dynarec core. This is the reason why we are slower than UltraHLE, but that should change in the future. On the plus site, our cpu core is very accurate because every opcode is completely emulated as 64 bit opcode.

We have also updated the Progress section, Download section and soon Screenshot section.


[22 June 1999] Status check and info

Hey Guys,

This update is to get everyone up to date on their Nemu64 information. Myself, Lemmy, and LaC have been hard at work on Nemu64 for over a month now getting it all nice for ya. It's not UltraHLE yet, but we'll get there. Lemmy has been reworking the floating point unit for increased speed and accuracy, and adding compatibilities so more games will run. He has added TLB support which allows several popular games to get much farther. Without this, you wouldn't be seeing any of the Mario or Starfox Shots. Thanks Lemmy.

LaC has been working with EEPROM support so that other games get farther. Also, he added mempack support, so all of our games should be able to be saved using the standard save spots that would normally save to the cart or mempack. Also, since he used a standard format, any of the save game sav files on dextrose and similar sites should be able to be used with Nemu64. This means that if you want to start mario with 120 stars already, it's not a problem. LaC has also started re-writing the audio interface plugin and hopefully by next (not this coming, but the one after) release you'll be hearing all the nice sounds as the programmer intended. LaC will also be working on better PIF emulation which will allow many games to work without cracks and whatnot. Thanks LaC.

What I've been up to is fairly obvious by all the screenshots we've been posting. I've been doing the graphics. I'd like to take this opportunity to let everyone know what I've been doing and clear up a few misconceptions. I'm programming the Video plugin in DirectX 6.0/6.1. There are several reasons for this. The main reason is that I wanted to learn D3D better and this was a great chance. Second is that most other emus are using OpenGL and I don't like being like everyone else. Also, the glide wrapper I worked on was in OpenGL and I wanted a change of pace. I'm not doing it in Glide because UltraHLE has that covered for now, and I don't particularly have a strong liking for the company that makes Glide. So the plugin is in DirectDraw/Direct3D. I will have several modes that you can run in. Dummy mode is the graphic off option. You get a grey screen and a really really high FPS. :) Reference Mode is using the DX reference rasterizer. This is *slow* but is the most full-featured, accurate
software renderer there is for DX. Software mode is a fairly full-featured, but still relatively slow mode that uses no graphics acceleration. Hardware mode is dependent on your graphics card. It is fully accelerated, but as yet, I have made almost no hardware checks, so it does not always look right. If you card lacks a feature I use, it may not work at all. This will change in the future to increase compatability. It is mighty fast though, compared to software mode. I also support a limited wireframe mode, but it is mainly used for testing purposes. Last but certainly not least is Fullscreen mode. This can be used with any of the rendering modes stated earlier, but is currently limited to the N64's native resolution which is in most cases 320x240. I will soon (hopefully) be adding higher resolutions, but there are some compatibility issues with some demos/games that's holding me back. (The ones that UltraHLE doens't even try to run :).

I hope my little (not so little) discussion helped clear up some of the questions you might have had about who we were and what we have been up to so long. We are headed toward a full release soon, all of my efforts are now involved with getting us to a releasable state, which means I probably won't be adding new features (high res, Zelda, speed, etc) until the release after that. Drop by and see us every so often and we'll try to keep you up to date.


[21 June 1999] Complist / more Screenshots

Hi folks.. I know that you have waited for an update.. So here is one @ last. I have a new compatibility list, changed the logo a bit and some fine screenshots for you to see. Words from Lemmy: Hardware mode is now working good, but we are still taking screens in softwaremode cause it gives better quality, I know it is slower but for screenshots, it doesn't matter, you know that in hardwaremode is will get much faster =). Here is the comp list. [ See Download Section ] And for the pics, hope you'll like them as I do. The first three pics are from Chopper Attack, the fourth is Sueperman and the last pic is from Famista.

Well that is all folks, for today. =)
Check back later...


[17 June 1999] Starfox Screenshots

A little Starfox for your enjoyment.

[ StarFox pictures see screenshots section ]


[16 June 1999] Mario Screenshots

hWnd has been working very good and fast, Thanks to him we can now update with more Mario 64 screenshots. Remember that all the pics are in SoftwareMode, can't wait till HardwareMode work better. =) Here are the screenshots that we all have been waiting for, hehe.
In the first pic Mario is transparent. And wow, look at the transparent water.

And some words from Lemmy: "This baby is playable, fast enough. =)"

Lets hope for more progress soon, check back later.


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