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[15 September 2000] In search of a 64DD

I am currently looking for anyone who can supply me with a 64DD and/or 64DD disks/games. I've seen several people offering to sell their 64DD devkits on ebay and on some message boards. I really don't need the 64DD devkit. I really just need the 64DD and games, but I'll take whatever you can offer me. I need this stuff mainly so that I can reverse engineer the 64DD and add support for it in Nemu. Also I will be able create dumps of the 64DD disks. Now is your chance to help Nemu... please contact me by eMail if you have any info. Thanks!


[08 September 2000] Time for a new INI!

EmuManiac and Myzar have been very busy creating custom game settings for Nemu64. If you want to enjoy their efforts, download this INI file and overwrite the one in your nemu directory. Have fun!

Feel free to discuss this in the Nemu64 Message Board and please notice the rules we have posted at the top.


[03 July 2000] The search is over!

The search for a new video.dll coder is over. A guy named Atreides is already working with us on nemu! He is our new coder. He seems to be a talented guy, and we are glad to have him. He has exactly one week to get caught up to speed on hWnd's work or we will fire him. Hehe, just kidding of course. He has only a half a week. Seriously he will make a great addition to our team!
Thanks to all the people who responded to our search... it was very difficult to decide.
To sum that all up:

1. Search over.
2. New coder.
3. Talented.
4. Great addition to the team.
5. Join AllAdvantage.


[27 June 2000] In search of new graphics coder

Some of you may already know, or have heard rumors, that hWnd has quit the nemu team. He did this because of obligations to real life responsibilities. This happened weeks ago, but we did not want to announce anything until we got a new coder to replace him. Well we were not very successful in finding one. So we are making a public notice to any person who wishes to replace him as the main coder of the video.dll, which contains the interface to the 3D API and the display list processing.
Be warned that this position is not for beginning programmers... What we are looking for is someone who wants to make a commitment to work on nemu for an extended period of time by either continuing from hWnd's work or starting from scratch. Although, we prefer the former.
You should have good C skills and experience with the Direct3D API, although your work is not limited to that API if you have another API preference. Also it is very helpful to have some knowledge of how n64 emulation works, especially how display list processing works... But if you think you can catch on easily then there is no problem in learning it from scratch.
It is a huge plus if you have done any developement on other emulators as well. Especially something like a PSEMU plugin or something similar... or even a glide wrapper... (this is how we found hWnd, he worked on a glide wrapper before nemu).
Also remember we are in this for fun, not profit! So all your work is done for free and in your free time.
So if you are interested and consider yourself a talented and experienced coder please drop us an eMail Thanks!


[19 September 1999] Compatiblity Tests update

Today I'm happy to report that I've finished the compatiblity tests ! I've taken screenshots from *EVERY* game that shows something ! That was very hard work... If you know some games that run but are not on the compatiblitylist, please eMail me ! Btw: Some people say that no game has sound - thats definetively wrong ! Madden 64 and Fightingforce have sound ! I'm also proud to anounce that Lemmy will release a bugfixed 0.6a version of Nemu64, but please don't ask for the release date :) For now I'm also working on a new INI-File which will contain new cheats and Ucode settings for more games. So expect an update in the next days...

einstein II

[14 September 1999] Can't wait ? Okay, here is the new version !

Okay, here it is, the new long awaited version 0.6 !

There is so much new... Here the most important things:

*** Lemmy ***

MUCH higher game support. This is the most compatible Nemu64 ever :)
Support for extra EEProm and Mempack folders, so roms can be directly executed from read-only devices like CDs or read-only network drives
Favourite folders
Support for higher resolutions
Statefile support
Joystick and keyboard support via DirectInput
- highly configurable !
Alignment support - on newer PCs
(PII or better) this can be faster
Dynamic TLB - speed increase for non-TLB roms
Several CPU speed ups and many bugfixes
Added DL/s - this is a more accurate FPS
counter. It only works in RCP roms
(like commercial games and 3d demos)

*** LaC ***

Better lle sound support - hardly any gaps
Better PifRAM support (EEProm, RumblePack, Mempack, Controllers)

*** hWnd ***

Support for multiple higher resolutions
Improved graphics in many games
Automatic texture coordinate generation (reflection mapping)
Many combine modes added
Much improved optimization of D3D calls (speed)

So you can see, most of the goals we had are reached ! LaC still works hard on the HLE-audio support, but this is a very difficult part - good things take time ! Tomorrow the progress page will be updated and as soon as Zoric has finished the compatiblity tests, the testsite will also be updated :)

einstein II

[10 September 1999] Mailinglist, screenshots and N64 Toolkit !

Hello folks ! I updated the screenshots page with 3 new alphscreenshots of ISS '98 and screenshots for Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Milo's Astrolanes. Btw, we want everyone to join our mailinglist ! So please subsribe now !

Antother great news is, that the N64 Toolkit project is hosted by now !

einstein II

[05 September 1999] New Screenshots

Today I've added some new screenshots of Bomberman Hero and Bio Freaks running in Nemu64 v0.5a. I tested the Nagano Winter Olympics '98 US version and Offroad Callenge and added them. Also an "Alpha screenshots" section is up now (thanx to Coolbest for some screenshots !). There you can find the lost Gex 3D shots and some others. Enjoy !

einstein II

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