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[25 March 2003] Netplay server

That was a surprisingly positive feedback :) thanks about that.

Emulation64 has set up a dedicated Nemu netplay serve:.

Server name: USA Dedicated (100Mbit/s)
Server IP:

Have fun there.


[23 March 2003] Nemu 0.8

Lemmy says:

Alright I guess you didn't expect to see my name here :)

I am in a very good mood today (hi there Sophie) so I asked LaC about a final release. We didn't touch this stuff for ages but I'd feel bad if I didn't share this with all of you.

Hope it works fine. Netplay rocks. And LaC's audio is great imo.

Cheers! Lemmy

LaC says:

As you know, Lemmy is done with nemu, and I probably am too. I may pick it up again, particularly to add 64dd support. No promises. Also this code is old as Lemmy stated, it is not supposed to be better than current emulators like 1964 and pj64, etc. But there might be something that is interesting for people. Also it is probably really buggy... so no release info or promises on anything. You can take it as it is.

Lemmy is right, if you can get Netplay to work good (it does for me), it is worth messing with. And Lemmy's video.dll is great imo.

There is no official support for this release so go away! LaC

Download it here


[29 September 2002] Sunday night

Sorry for keeping you in the dark for so many months.

I officially quit the Nemu team.

There are several reasons for me, including:

  1. Job and University wonít give me a lot of free time during the next few years.

  2. It would need a lot of work to put Nemu in the first league of emulators again. I think we had a very good emulator a while ago but unfortunately were never happy enough with it to release.

  3. And probably the most important reason for me: After working 3 to 4 years on this single program I started to lose interest. So little new, so much routine and bug fixing.

There is a lot of stuff I want to tell, so this post might get lengthy.

First of all, Iíd like to thank all the people that helped me to work on this emulator in random order:

  • hWnd: Although he had left the team a while ago I still think we did some really nice releases together. Thanks for this.

  • Zilmar: We were probably not the best friends but I know Nemu would maybe have never existed without you, because you were the one that helped in the first few weeks of development. Which brings me to the next oneÖ

  • Anarko: Didnít hear from you for a long time. You were the one that brought me into the scene. So this is the ďthanksĒ a few years later.

  • Demo: One of the best coders I have ever met. You managed to explain how Dynamic Recompilation works in just 1 sentence. Thanks.

  • EmuManiac: Beta tester and friend. Thanks for all the help.

  • ZTNet: Thanks for hosting the site and paying the domain.

  • Nintendo and SGI for making the nice console and Rare for making nice games. I hope we didn't harm you, this never was our intention.

  • And last but not least: Of course LaC, who always was a good team partner and friend. We met once on E3 a few months ago Ė I was a bit suprised at first, because he was a bit different from what I expected Ė but I guess this is always the case with internet friendships. Anyway, I wanted to point out how glad I am that I had you in our team.

Of course there were a lot more.

What I generally donít like about the situation is the huge amount of unreleased work in our program of both LaC and me. But I donít see any point in releasing it in its current state. It is LaCís decision if he ever wants to release. I hope he decides different than he did last time when someone handed a complete N64 Emu to him (hi there, bpoint ;)). But again, he releases, when he feels like it.

In my opinion itís not the source code that makes a program and its future; itís the people behind. So there is no point in releasing the source either. I think we have some good ideas and some things implemented that puts us apart from other emulators but the overall quality isnít the best, to put it nice.

By the way, did you ever wonder who I am?

My name is Daniel, I am German and 20 years old. I like all kinds of music, but especially techno. I voted for the Greens, so you can blame me if Germany goes down even more during the next 4 years. I chose the nickname Lemmy because its a mixture of Lemmings (my fav. game 4 years ago) and my real name. I have been working at a small software company for a year and will start studying in a few weeks. Before Nemu I worked on a remote control tool called Master's Paradise, which unfortunately was modified and then was used as a trojan (whoops).

So those were maybe my last words on If you want to drop me a message send to Lemmy. If you want to bug LaC to finally make the release send to LaC. Works best, if you resend the mail every week - until the mailbox is flooded and crashes down.


[06 December 2001] Update your bookmarks

Emulation64 offered us a new messageboard system and as its much nicer we glady accepted. So please follow this link to get there. The old board will be closed.

Thanks Emulation64.


[06 November 2001] Another status update

(Update 11/26/2001: I forgot to set the correct date for this post 20 days ago. Its fixed and now please stop mailing me and ask me to update the site)

Hi everyone

as you know, we (LaC and I) have both been busy with work during the last months, which slowed down development speed a lot of course. However, this does not mean Nemu is cancelled.

Especially during the last few days I was able to fix some bugs in my graphics and am now really happy with it in some games, like Zelda Ocarina of Time which looks near perfect. And as far as I can tell the speed of my gfx code is very fast. I compared it to hwnd's old video gfx, and I'd estimate it doubled - depending on the game. (keep in mind this is only video speed, not overall emu speed).

I was able to fix a few bugs in MoM which looks a lot nicer now, however - the texture loading is not perfect yet which makes some walls black - nothing that can't be figured out with some time spent on it.

LaC got some cool stuff working in his audio dll - stuff, that was unemulated before.

Now why do I write this you may wonder...?

It is not to tease you, neither I do this to announce a release. I do this so you can see we still work on it. I know Nemu is not the first choice for a lot of people anymore. But its great to see emulation progress, may it be nemu or not.

I hope the next nemu release will satisfy people as our last version did.

By the way, maybe one more reason why the update takes that long..: Over a year ago hWnd (our previous gfx coder) left the team and we didn't have anyone else. And both LaC and I didn't know too much about gfx at that time. So we hired a new coder (Atreides) which made a nice plugin for mario in a few months. However, we suddenly completely lost contact with him - I have no clue whats going with him. He lives in Japan and hope nothing bad happened to him.

Well so we lived several months with an avarage gfx plugin and didn't know how to go on. We had actually only two choices:
1. Use zilmar's project 64 plugin specifications
2. Start an own gfx code

At first we wanted to use the first option but we soon realized its not the best way to go - just look at todays emus: All use the same gfx plugin, so all look exactly as each other and lost everything that would make them unique.

Another reason for us not to use that standard is that we realized it would limit us in our freedom of designing new ideas. Some of these ideas are already implemented (like a gfx debugger which people can use to improve gfx similar to the .ini file for core compatibility and others are just ideas (like zooming into parts of the screen for multiplayer).

I also thought of making my gfx a com addin instead of the conventional dlls, because that will make the interface much cleaner.

After reading this I realized it sounds a bit like an excuse why I don't want to share dlls. Well lets put it this way - its our decision and we made it this way. But Nemu's graphics won't suffer from this because I put a lot of work into my them and they are already really nice (as you can see from those old screenshots below).

So when will the next release be? Only god knows. We need a lot of time to sort some stuff out and time is unfortunately the only thing we don't have. So I suggest you play with 0.7a or use another emulator until we make the next release. Please stop asking me all the time when the next release will be. Remember this is not competition - our goal is not to beat some other emulator. We just want to make a great emulator which emulates the console at a high quality level and can be enjoyed by people. High compatibility with near perfect gfx and new ideas are our main goals. And we want to have a unique emulator. One that is only done by LaC and me and does not look like any other emulator. I hope you can understand this. If not at least respect it.



[12 July 2001] General status update

Its been a while since the last news update. We feel its about time to let you all in on recent progress we have made and to give you a little look at the upcoming 0.8 version of nemu. Alot of things have changed in the past 4 months. We of course are not ready to release yet. We decided to make the next release really big, which is why the release keeps getting delayed. Compatibility is higher than any n64 emulator right now, and it continues to grow. Alot of work is being done to put certain games on the compatibility list. Two of these games are "Banjo Tooie" and "Conker's Bad Fur Day". Below are some pics of these games and others running in the current private build of Nemu 0.8

Banjo Tooie
Banjo Tooie
Banjo Tooie
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Zelda: Majora's Mask
Zelda: Majora's Mask

These screenshots are from a video.dll being developed specifically for Nemu. These are not screenshots from another emu's plugin. Before you ask, we have no idea when the next release will be. We are very busy right now with real life stuff. LaC just got married and working on getting a real job and Lemmy is also busy with his real job.

Feel free to discuss this stuff on the Nemu64 Message Board.


[15 March 2001] New Audio.dll and other news

Ok I'll try not to make this news update too lengthy.
First off, we have something for you to download.
This audio.dll is a pre-release beta version for you people to test out.
It should fix alot of problems people have had with audio since 0.7a was released. We have been holding off releasing this dll for awhile because we wanted to wait to release it with the new EXE and new Video.dll. Its going to be a while before that happens, so we figure it would be nice to have something to download and play with after so long (almost a year now since last release). Read the readme.txt in the zip file. Its very important. It tells you whats new and fixes made in the dll.
Remember this is Just an audio.dll for Nemu 0.7a and it does not work with any other N64 emus.

Download here -> Nemu Audio dll 2.0 beta

What about the Video.dll?
Well I (LaC) have taken over the video.dll and I am using OpenGL. Its coming along slowly, but I am determined to catch up, so we will see what happens.

So when is the next release?
We still don't know, but its getting closer.

Feel free to discuss this stuff on the Nemu64 Message Board.


[05 February 2001] Are we still alive?

We finally decided to start updating the page again. Why have we not updated recently? Well as common sense tells you, because we have been busy with other things. This update is to just notify you all that we are still working on Nemu whenever we can. We (Lemmy and LaC) are both in school and have real life relationships and such. We both feel committed to the project and do not plan on giving it up. We do not feel we really need to explain these things to you in detail, but we feel obligated to religious Nemu users to let you know Nemu is not a cancelled project. And we now, more than ever, have no idea when we will release another version. As for Atreides and the progress of our new video.dll... Well we havent seen him for months, and I do not think he will be coming back. He is not answering his emails or ever showing up on IRC. We only hope he would just let us know if he was quiting the project. De ja vu anyone? His DLL never got as far as hwnd's as far as we know... so releasing it would be pointless. As for a new video.dll coder... well we have discussed several options. Obviously we thought about finding a new video.dll coder. We checked in the n64 emu scene but pretty much everyone already has certain obligations to other emus. We also have considered making a video.dll ourself using OpenGL. This is obviously even more time consuming for us, and is not an easy task for us personally because this would be alot of new things to learn. Some of you may be thinking "Well I have a solution for you Lemmy and LaC! Why don't you just support the newly released zilmar dll specs?". Well we still might support the zilmar specs. However, it is our belief that every n64 emu should have a video coder to release a video.dll specifically intended to run on their emu, even if it also works on others. Think about it, if there was only one video.dll to download then every emu would want to use it. It makes more sense to me for each emu to contribute their own video.dll. Otherwise you are just working off of other peoples work. And generally, its not as much fun that way. Stay tuned we might have some more updates later... or maybe not. Oh one last thing... Stop emailing us asking us to "update the site"... or "make pokemon work", or "help I can't run nemu on my crapping p2-450 with voodoo2 card". Those things are getting annoying. So are the rom link posts on the Message board. I'm getting close to shutting down the Nemu64 Message Board because of this. So stop talking about roms in any way! I don't want to shut the message board down... that would really make things difficult for our friends at Emuhelp and the N64 Emulation Support Center.
We'll keep you updated when we find out whats going to happen with the video coder position of our team.


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