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Nemu64 versions history

What's new in 0.7a (released 3/23/00)
Added new improved INI! This one is huge!

*** Lemmy ***

- Fixed turned on Sync Speed by default. Some people forgot to turn
this on in last release. Its a good idea to leave on because it helps
things stay synced.
- Fixed it so that you can use the video.dll from nemu 0.6, this is nice
because some people's video card likes this dll better, but graphics are
no where near as good as in 0.7.

*** LaC ***

- Fixed mempack / eeprom bugs
No longer need to turn of mempack or rumblepack to run games like
extreme-g or others that normaly crash when they are on.
- Added option to change the cartridge eeprom size. Do this by setting
EepromSize = 2048 in the ini for the specific game. A game that this
helps is Evangelion JAP. Although it will be very useful for other games
that use this eeprom size in the future.
- Changed input.dll configuration screen so you can see all of the button
text. Lots of people complained about not being able to see their button
names, hopefully this helps you.
- Recoded the Audio HLE resampler to produce accurate sounds in games. This
gives a generally more crisp sound to some of the audio and gets rid of
"buzzing" sounds in the samples. Good example of this is in starfox's
intro. This does not prevent sound skips and studders however.
- Added "High Quality" option to the dll configuration screen. This will
allow people to hear much higher quality sound IF you have a fast enough
cpu. I will optimise this to run as fast as low quality sound by next
release. A good example of this being used is the sound in konami logos
and the intro music in mystical ninja. Small things like Mario's footsteps
also have a better effect to them. (Dont use this option unless you want
emulation to slow down even more).

*** hWnd ***

- Fixed the problem with the New Combiner in mario64. You can now leave this
option on and mario's head isn't black.
- Added Software mode back in by popular demand. Remember this is SLOW!
- Fixed minor graphics bugs in some games. Also added a few bugs
accidentally. An example is starfox's ground is all messed up. If you
have a problem with this use the old video.dll from nemu 0.7. Yoshi's Story
JAP now is almost playable (backgrounds messed up).
- Fixed bug that caused Komani sports games to crash. Like Perfect Striker
and ISS-64. These games should now work ok.

What's new in 0.7 (released 2/27/00)
I guess the features you will enjoy most are Audio HLE support, GBI=3 support and
MAJOR compatibility and speed improvements. Here is a more detailed list, but as it
has been almost half a year since the last release I am sure I missed lots of stuff :)

*** Lemmy ***

- Major speed ups (block dynrec)
- Major compatibility improvements, including
* Added opcodes: LDL, LDR, SDL, SDR, all cop1 compare instructions
--> Ridge Racer works
* Fixed an interrupt bug --> The Legend of Zelda works
* Support for 8 MB RDRAM memory --> Donkey Kong 64 at least boots
* Fixed BGEZAL and similar instructions
* Fixed a bug that makes Banjo work (thanks Fires)
- Several ways of detecting self modifying code (set in ini by compilermode=x)
- Can resume emulation if video or audio code crashes
- Improved DMA handling
- Slowdown code - if emulation is too fast it is slowed down, so speed is at 100%.
This is highly recommended for good audio.
- Improved GUI
- Can read headers of read only files
- Turbo/Auto-Fire feature (try doing a triple jump in mario with this turned on :))
- Much, much more

*** hWnd ***
- Improved pipelining for Major speed ups
- Added GBI=3 support (most new games after Zelda use it)
- Added GBI=4 support ("specialty" GBI for WaveRace US)
- Autodetection of GBI=3. Many new games do not require a GBI entry as GBI=3
should autodetect.
- Corrected viewport control. This allows games with "windows" like multiplayer
racing games to function properly.
- Corrected the lighting. Now areas that were previously lit poorly or not at
all work right. Examples are the Superman character, the Ship in Starfox, and
the cars in Automobilli Lamborghini
- More dynamic color combiner. (The color combiner is the N64 "paint box", it
can be used to create all sorts of effects, and is one of the harder parts of
n64 emulation to get correct. I have an option in my config called "New Combine"
if this is checked, my new (partially complete) combiner will be used. It is
better in some games, worse in others. If a game does not look right to you,
you may get better results with the old combiner, try each and use which one is
best for each game)
- Fixed the aspect ratio for PAL games. They should fit onscreen now properly.
- Added an on-screen FPS counter. To avoid confusion, let me briefly explain
the different counters we use. The VI/sec counter below the screen is a
hardware relative counter and *should* hover around 60. DL/sec is a hardware
relative counter that indicates the number of display lists sent to the
graphics chip. This usually, but not always corresponds to what we know of as
frames per second. The on-screen FPS counter is an actual time-based count of
the number of frames I show you and is probably the number you want to look at
for comparisons.
- Removed Software Mode. This is going to get me tons of gripes, but it is just
too complex an emulation to run in software mode. FPS are on the order of
1-5 and supporting it is not worthwhile. A TNT card is available over the
internet for less than $100 and should be ok for Nemu. I suggest saving and
purchasing a TNT2 or GeForce card tho instead, as you will like it better. TNT
is available for PCI, if you don't have an AGP slot.
- Removed Frameskip Option. Also lots of gripes coming. I took this out because
it was a hack and should not be in the video portion of the emulation. We will
very likely put a frameskip option in the exe portion at some time in the future.
- Added Screenshot Mode. This is for you to test if a video problem is in Nemu or in
your card/drivers. Turn this mode on and wait (it is very slow). When a new
frame shows, if it looks just the same as before, it's a nemu bug. If the problem
clears up, it's a video card/driver bug, and you should either upgrade your card
or drivers. Also useful for making screenshots, as it avoids graphics glitches base
on what card you use.

*** LaC ***

- Fixed a Shift Right bug --> F-Zero works
- Adaptoid support (including rumble pack support) http://www.wishtech.com
- HLE Audio support (audio in 99% of commercial games)
- Prebuffering (increased audio quality for some roms, also needed by some roms)

Notes about adaptoid:
The adaptoid is a great piece of hardware from www.wishtech.com. I suggest
anyone who wants perfect n64 emulation of the controller to get one of
these dudes. Its great and has full support or stuff like rumblepack and
Nemu has perfect support for the adaptoid. You just have to make sure its
plugged in and select it in the input config. Goto control panel and then
joystick to find out what button maps to what so you can config it in nemu.
Currently there is a problem with having more than one adaptoid plugged in.
We are using a mix of accessing the adaptoid low level and with direct
input. Well this causes more than one adaptoid to recieve the wrong rumble
commandsm, so rumbling is bad with more than one controller usually. This
is a problem with adaptoid drivers and promises to be fixed in the next
adaptoid driver released.

Notes about audio:
AudioHLE support for commercial games was actually ready since nemu 0.6.
But it was not available in that 0.6 audio.dll because there was no
"speed limiter" which slowed down the games to sync audio. Well this is
much better in this release and works fairly well for most games. Some
game have annoying pops and clicks though. This is usually because the game
either runs too _fast_ or too _slow_. The speed limiter tries to make it
run just right. I have included some new options in the audio config.

I suggest you dont modify this options while running the Rom. Results are

[]HLE Audio :
This allows you to turn off/on the audio in commercial games.
Turning it off gives you a small speedboost.

[]Reverse Stereo:
Some games the stereo effect are wrong. So I added this
option to fix that temporarily. One game that comes to mind
that needs this is starfox jap/us.

This is an option to get rid of pops and clicks in the audio
for commercial games.
There is a problem with this though. It causes the audio
to sound "delayed". Like you punch in mario64 and then hear
it 0.5 seconds later. This doesnt really help if your PC
is not fast enough to run the game full speed. Also this mode
has been known to cause the audio to freeze. Only one game
I can think of that actually requires this option is starfox.
*work in progress*

This will record the audio to the harddrive in a file called
HLE.pcm. This is standard raw pcm audio with no header.
Can be opened in programs such as "cool edit". This is for
commercial games usually.

This will record the audio to the harddrive in a file called
AI.pcm. This is standard raw pcm audio with no header.
Can be opened in programs such as "cool edit". This is good
for homebrew demos and games usualy.

Enjoy !!

What's new in 0.6 (released 9/13/99)
There is so much new. I don't remember everything :). But this should cover most

*** Lemmy ***
- MUCH higher game support. This is the most compatible Nemu64 ever :)
- Support for extra EEProm and Mempack folders, so roms can be directly
executed from read-only devices like cds or read-only network drives
- Favourite folders
- Support for higher resolutions
- Statefile support
- Joystick and Keyboard support via DirectInput - highly configurable
- Alignment support - on newer PCs (PII or better) this can be faster
- Dynamic TLB - speed increase for non-tlb roms
- Several CPU speed ups and bugfixes
- Added DL/s - this is a more accurate FPS counter. It only works in rcp roms
(like commercial games and 3d demos)

*** LaC ***
- Better lle sound support - hardly any gaps now
- Better PifRAM support (EEProm, RumblePack, Mempack, Controllers)

*** hWnd ***
- Support for multiple higher resolutions
- Improved graphics in many games
- Automatic texture coordinate generation (reflection mapping)
- Many combine modes added.
- Much improved optimization of D3D calls (speed)

What's new in 0.5a (released 6/29/99)
Due to heavy demand I added support for roms that were flipped with fliprom.
Nothing else is new in this release.

What's new in 0.5 (released 6/29/99)
This is the first release that plays commercial games (Mario64, WaveRace JAP,
MarioKart, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Starfox and many more). There is so much new, I
don't know where to start :)

*** Lemmy ***
- Completed Dynamic Recompilation core
- Fixed so many cpu bugs. CPU core has been completely rewritten two times since
the last release
- Speeded up COP1 and removed bugs
- TLB support. Requires for Mario, Tetris64 and many more
- New and much better GUI that makes rom loading much easier
- Support for cheats. Take a look at chapter 4 to find out how it works
- UCode detection by CRC. To learn more about it check chapter 5
- Support for rom-based settings. Right now only eeprom support is stored.
This allows you to disable eeprom in certain games (WaveRace JAP requires that)
- Much, much more...

*** hWnd ***
- HLE-Graphics are done by the DirectX 6.0 video plugin, its current capabilities:
* Cfb graphics
* Hardware acceleration if you own an accelerator card
* Texture caching
* Support for two ucodes
* Lighting

*** LaC ***
- Audio is done by the audio plugin, but it is still the same as in the last
release. Next version is planned to support hle-audio.
- Eeprom support, that allows you to use real save games. You can even download
them from www.dextrose.com and use them in Nemu.
- Mempack support

This version is not very optimized yet. We expect to get it alot faster with
faster d3d implementation and register caching in the dynarec core. This is the
reason why we are slower than UltraHLE, but that should change in the future. On
the plus site, our cpu core is very accurate because every opcode is completely
emulated as 64 bit opcode.

What's new in 0.02 (released 4/6/99)
This is a pretty big update. The big news is that I have started dynamic
recompilation, which made Nemu64 MUCH faster. Of course, the new core seems to
have some bugs, but almost every cpu-only demo works perfectly.

Also new in this release is more rdp and rsp emulation. Many rdp-demos show
graphics. But there seems to be a timing problem (especially in demot and vnes).
I think the main cpu is simply too fast for the rsp/rdp. I will have to find a
way around that. This problem also occurs in vsfintro; sometimes it shows
the stars, sometimes it doesn't.

I also added the possibility to play a rom without loading it completely into
memory. But it only works, if your rom is not byteswapped.

- Dynamic Recompilation
- Bugfixes in the CPU core
- More bugfixes in the CPU core
- Even more bugfixes in the CPU core
- Changed handling of invalid opcodes, so the emu doesn't crash that much anymore
- DirectDraw plugin (I planned to release a new DIB plugin, too...but I think
everyone is happy with the DirectDraw plugin)
- Bugfixes in the DirectSound plugin; doesn't crash anymore if you don't have a
- Added "dummy sound" plugin, so you can turn sound off if you experience
any problems. You have to download this plugin seperately and replace the
file Audio.dll in Nemu64's folder (close Nemu64 before ;-) )
- Speeded up COP1 (floating point unit)
- Added some more RSP opcodes
- Added some sprite types to the RDP Graphics engine
- Added possibility to let the graphics plugin do RDP. This is generally faster,
because we can use hardware acceleration, but some demos don't allow that.
In commercial games it should be no problem. This option can be turned on
in the settings dialog. Currently it isn't implemented very well.
- Added speed hacks. With them turned on you can play pong at a very high framerate
- Added pause function

What's new in 0.012 (released 3/17/99)
New release after one week. I implemented more RCP (RSP/RDP) emulation
and I am getting first results! Mortal Kombat shows up the title screen,
vnes64 "works" (tried with Zelda 1) and Virtual Springfield Site also displays
some nice things. All these RDP roms use the sprite engine of the n64. My emu-
lation for it is very buggy. The reason why I haven't fixed them yet is that
I am going to rewrite my RDP graphics core.

- Added many RSP opcodes, especially LWC2/SWC2 - Opcodes
- Added some RDP opcodes like DrawTextureRect and SetTile
- Added support for SI DMA write (copy from SPIMEM/SPDMEM to RDRAM)
- changed RDRAM size from 4 to 8 MB (not really necessary, but some games
have extensions for that)

Please note that I released this version because Nemu will get a major internal
change, because I am now really starting RDP emulation. I will try to get things
working with Direct3D. Maybe I will add OpenGL or Glide later.

What's new in 0.011 (released 3/10/99)
OK...this time's big news is controller #1 support!
You can play pong and see the fractal in fzoom. Also Liner works and
every other demo I tested, too. I can't wait to see the updated compatibility list
on cn64es :-)

- fixed the rotate bug (LH was wrong)
- fixed bug in LWL and LWR ==> controllers work (thanks to Dimitri and LaC!)
- fixed analog up
- increased analog stick support: try holding shift while moving the analog
stick to a direction

What's new in 0.01 (released 3/8/99)
I implemented audio and basic controller support. It works quite fine in about 10 demos.

- Controllers are partially working....right now they only work in liner. The key mapping is following:
A,S,X : The 3 main buttons
Cursor UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT : Analog Stick (always at maximum)
I,K,J,L : C-Buttons (used in liner to control the line)
T,G,F,H : Joypad
Return : Start Button

- RSP bug fixed....RSP code executes now correctly
- Almost complete Audio Emulation (missing: 8 (and maybe 4) Bit sound support, only 16 Bit implemented)
- Internal changes
- fixed problem with vi interrupt
- changed the way the screen refreshes ==> Liner works

What's new in 0.009
- more RSP, no results yet
- did some more cpu and cop1 opcodes, now almost all important opcodes are implemented
- implemented automatic crc fix
- changed many internal things
- speed increased again
- bugfixes....(for example rpa bug is fixed)

What's new in 0.008
- Better PI Interrupt --> many more demos work
- more rsp emulation, some roms use rsp :-) but crash :-(

What's new in 0.007b
- Bugfixes

What's new in 0.007a
- fixed the 640x480 bug
- fixed a bug in the PI Interrupt

What's new in 0.007
- Implemented an opcode to see the title of vnes
- Speed increase
--> CRAP #1 and #2 work better than in PUR now
- started rsp emulation, but nothing works yet (maybe some rsp demos crash now)
- some other things

What's new in 0.006
- You don't have to restart Nemu64 in order to load another rom.
- You can close a rom now
- minor speed increase
- Editor for rom headers - check it out
- Added a few opcodes of the fpu (now about 42% complete)
- Fixed a major bug in the SI Interrupt. Now SP_CRAP runs partially

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